July 21st, 2005


Potter Vision

This has been bothering me about Harry Potter for a while. Hermione is the most talented witch of her age, right? And if she can restore Harry's eyeglasses with an "Oculus Reparo", then why can she not just remedy his vision problem with a more complicated spell? Or better yet, if Madame Pomfrey can regrow bones with a medicinal potion, then wouldn't she have the ability to do something similar to his eyes so the glasses would be unnecessary? It would be like a magical radial keratotomy.

I just wonder about this sometimes...

Baby or Babies Ahoy!

My cousin just called me. Her doctors have decided to induce labor tomorrow morning. It's pretty weird to think of my little cousin being a mommy!

**Edit** This just made me think of polarbee! I just checked and she hasn't posted since Monday. I wonder if she's had her bambino!