July 30th, 2005

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Sunshine On My Shoulders

It was semi-nice, cloudy and a little breezy outside this morning. While watering the potted plants, I got the urge to clean up the front flower beds. The lantana is asserting its authority everywhere, the red salvia wimped out because it can't handle the heat and both beds needed just a little freshening up to get through the rest of the summer. I ran to the garden place around the corner and bought some periwinkles and marigolds to add some color. While I was paying the cashier, the thunder was booming in the distance and the wind was blowing. Perfect gardening weather! I've gardened in the rain before. It's actually fun.

I got home and start working. I trimmed up a lot of the lantana, cut back some of the sego palm fronds, pulled up the casualties of the season so far and weeded a bit. Now for the fun part! I began to plot out where my new darlings are going to be planted. And then the sun came out.

Now, I am a trooper. When I decide I am going to work in the garden, very few things can stop me. But today I was quickly defeated. The insidious combination of the rays beating down on me, the heat attacking me and the humidity surrounding me in it's close, wet clutches sent me running for the loveliness that is air conditioning.

I haven't given up on my plans completely. I am cooling off while waiting for the sun to go behind the house so the front yard is shady. Then I will be out there again.
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Fiendishly Good Web Stuff

Time's 50 Coolest Websites for 2005.

For Book Fiends - The Complete Review.

For Game Fiends - Orisinal. (Definitely not your typical web games. Worth a look just for the delicate artwork used in the games.)

For Food Fiends - Food 411.

For News Fiends - OhMyNews International.

For Kitsch Fiends - Archie McPhee - Outfitters of Popular Culture. (Immediately amused by the Librarian Action Figure.)

For Search Fiends - Clusty.

Faves PostSecret and McSweeney's also made the list.

**edit** Just-Found New Fave: Go Fug Yourself. Celebrity fashion crimes exposed. Check out the Bai Ling and Chloe Sevigny sections for a taste of the fun.
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