August 27th, 2005

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Pain In Our Collective Ass!

Hurricane Katrina is that pain. And she is a bother to the entire Gulf Coast right now because no one really knows yet what the storm is going to do. I've got reservations in Fairhope, AL based on a track that takes it very close to New Orleans. I have relatives in that area so at least we'd be close to family. And the hotel takes pets.

Right now, though, my inclination is to stay put. I could be completely wrong about that. My parents (crazy stubborn old people!) aren't planning to leave even if it's a category 4 direct hit.

Hurricanes were fun when I was a kid because school was closed and we got to go on a trip. As an adult, there's lots to worry about as I gather insurance paperwork, take pictures of valuables and worry about the long-term prospects of my little house.
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Jackson Bound?

We still have our reservations in Fairhope but now we are considering going to Jackson, Mississippi. A dear friend that we met while living there has again extended an invitation for us to stay with him. He has a house and a dog so it will be a much better situation for Bess and Rocky than a hotel.

Juannie is still at work helping to get the store prepared for the storm. Once he gets home we will clean out the back yard and bring in all the plants and lawn equipment. Then we have to pack up what we will bring with us to be ready to leave - probably tomorrow morning since dear Katrina is expected to make landfall Monday afternoon/evening.

I am amazingly calm. I guess I've realized that there's nothing we can really do to prevent it and worrying ain't gonna change the outcome of all this. I may have a cider in a little while as I continue to wash every possible piece of laundry, gather together dog accoutrement and start deciding what comes with us and what stays here. I am planning to bring lots of clothes, especially work garb. Luckily, my job will probably kick into high gear because my group will be responsible for repairing all the damage to buildings owned by our client and there are lots of them in Louisiana and Mississippi in the potential path of the storm.

We also need to think about what we might need to clean up the house in the event of flooding or roof damage. I think we will pack up Juannie's SUV with cleaning and repair supplies. We will park it on higher ground at the mall near our house so that it doesn't get filled with water if the street does flood.

Do Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest really make up for all this Sturm und Drang? Right now, no.

**edit** Okay, my sister-in-law just called crying because her cat with diabetes has disappeared. They haven't seen him since last night. If he doesn't get shots at least once every 24 hours, he could die. I started crying right along with her. I hate this crap. I really do.

My Brilliant Career

I have decided that my new career goal, even though I am forty years old, is to be a meteorologist. Why? No one can hold you accountable. And you get paid lots of money for a job where it is guaranteed that you will never be 100% correct - EVER. They act very scientific with the radars like the Viper and the Super Doppler 2000. In all actuality, they are guessing most of the time because they have no clue what that sassy Mother Nature is really going to do next.

And I've always wondered, "Who in the hell buys The Old Farmers' Almanac?" I now believe it's not for the old farmers at all, it's for meteorologists! Publishers just act like it's the old farmers (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) who need that almanac when all along it's being published for the meteorologists.

So all I need is a copy of The Old Farmers' Almanac, the right hairdo and a regular update on the latest weatherman jargon to sound knowledgeable and "weathery". I will be all set for my fabulous new career. Look for me soon on a weather report near you!

(I know that weather_fan is going to beat me over the head for this. I couldn't resist after watching weather all day long.)
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Hoping For The Best...

I should be able to post from our refuge in Jackson. But if not, I may not be back online for a while depending on whether or not we have power and the state of the house when we return. We're leaving very early tomorrow morning and because of that and my busy day, I am going to bed early tonight.

Good night and good luck to everyone facing the impact of Katrina!