September 15th, 2005

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Homeward Bound?

Almost three weeks ago, I was wondering if I was Jackson bound as my destination to ride out the storm. It seems like the worrying and wondering was a lifetime ago. Three weeks ago today, I went to bed thinking that Katrina was going to the Florida Panhandle after I watched the 10 o'clock weather report. By the next afternoon, my co-workers and I were worriedly watching the new track on The Weather Channel showing it heading for the New Orleans area. And the track didn't vary much after that. It really is hard to believe all that was happening just twenty-one days ago.

Now, I am hoping to be homeward bound very soon. It's looking favorable that we might be going home this weekend - for good! The powers that be in my town of Kenner are allowing folks back in. And the powers that be at work are more than happy to release me from Jackson to go home. This all depends on finding a workspace somewhere in the New Orleans area. That's not as difficult as it sounds. Offices are operating in Jefferson Parish where my home is and in Hammond. The Jefferson Parish option would be better but Hammond is only 30 minutes from my house so I would be happy either way. I'll know for sure tomorrow.

I am happy to think about returning to our house but I am also nervous about seeing the current state of my city.
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Speech Response

I don't know what the polls will say about the President's speech tonight in Jackson Square. I do know what my actual verbal response after the speech was. This is in no way embellished.

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I just blurted that out. I couldn't control it.