October 7th, 2005

new orleans, fleur

1 x 140,000

I have seen lots of pictures of the damage to homes flooded in New Orleans. Each one is wrenching because I know that this scene is being replayed 140,000 times all over the city. That's the current estimate. 140,000 homes and businesses were affected by the flooding after Katrina. It's incomprehensible.

These photos really show the devastation to one home because you see before and after shots. Sheri's house.

First seen in neworleans.
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Google You

Go to google, type in "[your name] needs" (with quotations) and hit enter.

Paste the first 10 sentences of what you need.

Denise needs a team of committed people to pray for her
Denise needs a rather specific plate seen in Alimed catalog
Denise needs to view Crunch Fat Burning Pilates and take some lessons
Denise needs to send her the announcement, the new registration form, and the call for proposals
Denise needs to eat some fucking food *
Denise needs a firm footing or she'll topple forward
Denise needs to post an amended thank you
Denise needs to talk to Donald about approving this 9.7
Denise needs to focus on finding work that meets the dual purpose of fulfilling personal passion & needs
Denise needs her pills – not more jail time **

* From a thread about Denise Richard's Playboy pics.
** This one's my favorite.

Thanks to polarbee.
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