October 16th, 2005


Behemoth Halloween

Only 15 shopping days left until Halloween!

"Let us all stand for a moment of silence to honor the little holiday of Halloween, which once required just a Milky Way and a Mighty Mouse mask to be complete.

Beware. Halloween has become humongous Halloween, behemoth Halloween, colossal Halloween -- and it begins in August.

That is when grocery stores bring in candy by forklift. That is when folks begin to puzzle over Halloween lighting, wreaths and tree ornaments.

That also is when all the adults begin planning the costumes they will wear on the big night. Forget wee ones waving wands and ringing doorbells: According to one recent survey, 60 percent of American -- ahem -- adults plan to become gorillas and break out the pumpkin martinis."

Once I read about it, I had to have one so as a treat for all of us, here's a recipe for a yummy pumpkin martini! (This recipe is really more of a pumpkin white Russian than a martini but it sounds delicious.)

My New Favorite Word

Who says that you can't learn anything from cable television? I just learned a great new word watching Shaun of the Dead again. with the captioning on.

sham·bol·ic adj. Chiefly British Slang

Disorderly or chaotic: “ [The country's] transportation system is in a shambolic state” (London Sunday Times).

[Probably from alteration of shambles.]

sham·boli·cal·ly adv.

(I am also starting to believe that it wasn't a hurricane that hit New Orleans but zombies. The drivers here are terrible right now - quite shambolic.)