October 19th, 2005


A New Hero

Bunnatine Hayes Greenhouse blows the whistle on shady Halliburton contracts in Iraq and pays the price. But she's not giving up.

"I learned very early that everything you did in life you did with every fiber of your being," she says, her voice a mix of pride and fury. "Why would I sit here now and let them tell me that I'm something I'm not? Why would I do that? I'm Bunny Greenhouse first, then I'm in a government position. I will not compromise who I am."

This article is a must read.

Requires registration. Use log in: dolche65@yahoo.com with password: green.

First seen in jmhm.

Squeals of Delight!

I've been keeping a secret from all of my LJ friends. I haven't wanted to be too gleeful about this.

I am going to DisneyWorld! I did post about it a while back but deleted the post accidentally and never returned to the topic again.

Juannie and I leave next Friday for 6 wonderful days of relaxation and indulgence. I look forward to having conversations about Mickey & Minnie but not mold & mildew, It's A Small World but not New Orleans has become a really small world, and It's A Bug's Life but not this disgusting bug is bigger than life.
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