November 15th, 2005


For Shame

A very interesting website called Jesus Would Be Ashamed of You.

"Of all the really important things that need fixing on Earth, why do you fixate on whether gays can marry, or waste your time saving a woman who really was, it turned out, completely brain-dead? Why do you spend so much time arguing about how God created the universe, when the exact details don't matter? You can pray in school any time you want-- why force it on others? The justice system generally holds the same values as the ten commandments... why do you need it actually spelled out?

Do you think your rabid devotion to insignificant minutia really makes Jesus happy? I think he's probably more interested in you spending that kind of time and energy on helping your fellow man, don't you?"
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I loved the original Freaky Friday when I was a kid. I saw it again recently and was genuinely stunned at how dreadful it really is.

The water skiing scenes are so lame and the hairdo that Annabel (Jodie Foster) is wearing at the end of the movie is horrific. This movie was released in 1976, the same year as Taxi Driver. What a weird double feature these two movies would make!