November 19th, 2005


Boss From Hell

Candidate for Worst Boss of 2005.

First, School Superintendent uses district credit card to purchase a digital video surveillance camera disguised as an air freshener dispenser. Then he makes it known that the little boys' room at the district office needs air fresheners. Next, he submits the receipt for the camera for his expense report. Suspicious clerk investigates the odd purchase on the internet and tracks down the camera in the ladies room at the district office. In the end, not so smart Superintendent admits to police that he did all this to "obtain nude photos of female employees"
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It's a lovely day. I wish I could enjoy it.

I am looking at pictures of our house and contents before and after Katrina to catalog our losses for the insurance claim into an Excel spreadsheet. All of this is reminding me that my little house was cute and cozy once upon a time.

Now it's just a sad mess. God this sucks!