December 6th, 2005

babies, corgis

More Legs

On our evening walk in the brisk wind, Bess, Rocky and I passed by a father and son playing on the slide in the park near our house. The little boy was around three or four and when he spotted the dogs, he said to his dad, "Look at those Rottweilers." The man had his back to us. When he turned around and actually saw the dogs, he let out a very hearty laugh. The joy of his laughter got me giggling, too. We laughed together as I continued with our stroll and he kept playing with his son.

I was still smiling by the time we were heading for home. The father and son were now sitting on a bench. As we walked by the father, he started chuckling and I told him, "I have never had these two mistaken for Rottweilers before." We both started laughing really hard again. The guy asked, "What kind of dogs are they?" "Corgis," I replied. Then he told his son, "Those little dogs are Corgis, not Rotweillers." And the little boy said very seriously, "They just need more legs. Then they can be Rotweillers." That just set the two of us off one more time. I could hear the man laughing along with me all the way home.