December 7th, 2005


Soused Santa

Test your skills at lurching and wobbling to reach holiday cheer as your Santa gets more and more drunk. Enjoy! Use the arrow keys to maneuver.

**edit** Just scored 549!

Thanks to docbrite.
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Holiday Randomosity

The Pier One Imports that I used to frequent has not yet reopened because of storm damage. I need a Pier One fix badly to do Christmas shopping and to buy some ornaments for the tree.

Speaking of the tree, Juannie surprised me with it when I came home for lunch. I was actually considering not getting a tree because we are still all topsy-turvy around here. Once I started putting the ornaments on it, I was so glad he bought it.

And if you need to do some shopping to fill up that empty space under your tree, I recommend Baby Bush Toys - "for the resoundingly average child."