February 2nd, 2006


The Sadness Never Goes Away

Two anonymous victims of Katrina were buried in Pascagoula, MS today.

"No names will adorn their headstones, no family will be here to mourn their passing. They are anonymous victims of Hurricane Katrina's deadly fury.

Five months after the hurricane took their lives, a man and woman whose identities remain a nagging mystery are to be buried next to each other Thursday in a city-owned cemetery.

Nobody came forward to claim the bodies, which were found in different places about a week after the Aug. 29 hurricane. With fingerprints, dental records and DNA tests failing to yield any results, Jackson County Coroner Vicki Broadus decided the time has come to let them rest in peace.

The graveside ceremony may be the first of many to come. More than 100 other unidentified victims of Katrina - mostly from New Orleans - still await burials."

I want to lay my head down and sob when I read these stories.
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