February 12th, 2006


Mardi Gras Mockery

Krewe du Vieux is always bawdy and irreverent. This year was certainly no exception. One float made fun of Michael Brown's absence during the Katrina aftermath showing an empty chair with an "Out To Dinner" sign hanging on it. Another float mocked the Comatose Corps of Engineers. Signs and costumes referenced Chocolate City, mold, toxic refrigerators and blue roofs.

In spite of the very cold and windy night, lots of people were out and about. Once the parade was over, we headed inside to warm up, eat, drink and dance. I drank lots of champagne and danced so much that today my swivel hips are very sore.

Blue Roof Bonnets Blue Roof Bonnets

NOLA's Ark NOLA's Ark

More of my pictures from last night.

Parade pictures posted in neworleans.