March 16th, 2006

romance, flower

Feel Springy!

We don't get much of a Spring here in Southern Louisiana because we don't get much of a Winter to kill things off. But the touches we are getting this year give me hope and a feeling of renewal that I haven't felt since 08/25/05, the last day of my life untouched by some aspect of Katrina. I like seeing the little nubbins of green popping out on bushes and trees and then a few days later, the green is more apparent as a lovely haze all over the neighborhood.
saints, helmet

Go Saints Go!

Juannie and I are officially Saints 2006 Season Ticket Holders! Every year we say we want to do it but this year we absolutely had to show our support for the home team. We are going in with my brothers and some friends to all sit together in the same section.

We are hopeful that the new head coach, Sean Payton, and the new quarterback, Drew Brees - along with lots of other changes - will result in a winning season.