March 25th, 2006

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Snake On A Plain

Juannie is off today so we took advantage of the lovely weather to work in the yard. Since the storm knocked down so many trees in the area, our backyard is now a very sunny place. We can have herbs and vegetables there this year. Juannie needed to cut the grass before starting on a new bed for those plants in the back and I got down to business in the front of the house prepping the existing beds for the flowers we bought.

All was going well as I trimmed the crazed lantana and the wild Mexican heather. I stepped back for a moment to look at my handiwork and looked down right before I planted my foot and saw a snake. All dignity and bravery left my body as I fled screaming into the backyard. Juannie had earplugs in so he couldn't hear anything and was unaware of the commotion until I grabbed him. He was very startled by my hysteria. "There's a snake in the front!" I sobbed. (Yes, I started crying. I was very scared.)

He asked some necessary questions as he stoicly went for a shovel preparing to confront the reptile invader. "Where is it? What does it look like?" I told him it was in the grass close to the sidewalk and it was yellow. "How big is it?" I made some shaky hand motions showing how long it was indicating that it was around two feet long.

He marched with determination into the front yard. I was very proud of him for being so quick to act. I went into the house so I could watch through the screen door since I am a total wimp. Once he got close to part of the lawn where he could see it, I opened the screen door cautiously and stood on the porch but was poised to make a break for safety if necessary. He was still kind of far from it but he could get a good look at it resting in the tall grass. "I think it ate a mouse or something," speaking in a low tone as he edged closer, "It's got a big lump." He looked at it again and then said with sudden suspicion in his voice, "Is it even real?"

Then he got much faster in his movements and announced triumphantly, "It's not real. It's a fake cobra. The kids next door must have left it in our grass." He shook his head at me as he picked up the rubber snake with the shovel and walked over to me to so I could know just how much of a fool I was.

In my defense, it did look real as the yellow rubberiness glistened in the morning light and it was in thick grass. And once I got a glimpse of it, I wasn't hanging around. Plus, we did have the remnants from a snake shedding right by our back door when we came home from the evacuation.

He tossed the king cobra toy high in the air with the shovel and we both watched it fall to the cement of our neighbors' driveway. I started to laugh and apologized to Juannie for my goofy behavior. He walked into the backyard shaking his head all the while at the foolish woman he married.

Here's a picture of some of the plants we bought today.

Les Fleurs Galore Les Fleurs Galore