March 31st, 2006

peeps, easter

Peeps In The News

Peeps part of protest at St. Paul City Hall.

"Saint Paul's city hall is no place for the Easter bunny according to the City's human rights director. The reason, the Easter décor may offend may offend non-Christians.

Some city hall employees are upset with that decision and they're staging a 'Peep' protest under the gargantuan statue called The Vision of Peace or is that the Vision of Peeps?

"Peeps, it's pretty funny cause it's peeps instead of peace," laughed attorney and city hall employee Maureen Dolan. She took part in what's being called the Peep Protest, "I brought them in because when I saw them at the store I went spring!"

This colorful and sugary display appeared after the Easter bunny and a Happy Easter sign were removed from city hall last week."

And here's my favorite hat for the Easter Parade, the Peepster Bonnet.

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