April 24th, 2006


Oh Well It's Festival Tah-ah-ah-ah-ah-hime...

...And everybody's havin' fun!

Juannie and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather on Saturday to attend the French Quarter Festival as a warm up for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival the next two weekends.

We met up with our best fest buddy, Roger. He's been our official date for Jazz Fest for many years and we don't make our plans until we check in with "dat Rajuh", as we affectionately call him. We lucked out that he could meet up with us for French Quarter Fest this year, too.

We passed a good time at French Quarter Fest. We ate some good food, drank some refreshing beverages to beat the heat-I had one fermented cider, one margarita and two pina coladas-and laughed like fools. We also danced to the music at the Miller Light Stage. We enjoyed Billy Iuso and the Restless Natives, The Irene Sage Band and Mary Jane's Jellyroll featuring Alex McMurray.

It was a wonderful day. I was glad to see so many people out with their children and their dogs enjoying the day and celebrating our city on Election Day. Many people had on stickers or buttons showing support for different candidates so I felt good that people did get out and vote along with doing some partying later in the day.

I was charmed by the beautiful smile of the little girl in the picture below and the crowd shot shows the Cajun Queen gleaming in the background.

Butterfly Girl Butterfly Girl
French Quarter Festing French Quarter Festing


Mango Madness

Here's a picture of Roger and me, last year at Jazz Fest, as he attacks me for my mango freeze with just a little vodka added. We have dubbed this concoction "The Poppy" and it's my favorite Jazz Fest refreshment. We smuggle in the vodka. Don't tell anyone. (I think the lady in the background with the dark sunglasses can use a Poppy so she can unclench a little bit.) 

Roger & Me
Roger & Me

Jeez It's The Cops

After our fun afternoon at French Quarter Fest, Roger and I made plans to hook up again later in the evening. We wanted to see my brother Dale's band, Grape Ape, play that night. Juannie had to work very early on Sunday morning so he opted to stay home after our busy day.

I met Roger and we marched on over to Buffa's Lounge for the show. The opening set went well. The crowd was enjoying the music and I hung out with that Rajuh, Renee, my sister-in-law, and some old friends of the family who came to the show.

The guys took a short break and then started the second set in rousing fashion. Not long into the first song, two New Orleans policemen strode into the bar. Renee was taking pictures of the band and jokingly snapped a photo of one of them. The officer did not look amused. I knew something was up.

As the guys ended the song, the bar's owner and/or manager came out and announced that the cops had shut down the music for the night due to noise complaints from the neighbors. At first, we were all stunned into silence. Then we broke into a loud burst of cheering that certainly did not further endear Buffa's to the neighborhood. We howled, clapped and hooted for several minutes. The owner and/or manager had to come out again to ask us to calm down so that she didn't go to jail. She did promise that this would not happen again because they were grandfathered in to have live music at that location. And she assured us that they would have all the proper documentation handy for all future shows.

I didn't take as many pictures as I'd hoped since the music ended so suddenly. I do like the silhouette of Dale playing bass guitar below.

Tips Please
Tips Please