May 7th, 2006


Photo Opportunity

I sometimes check out the community suggestions on the LJ homepage. This evening, I clicked on foundphotos and have done nothing since then but scroll through the photos. Years ago, I worked in photo labs in New Orleans and in the Bay Area. I love looking at pictures taken by strangers so this community is endlessly fascinating to me.

Two favorite posts so far are The Kriegsmann Files and Lindsay.
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My Gram

Today, my Mom and I went to vist my grandmother at her nursing home. Gram is ninety-five. She is mentally sharp most days-true for all of us after a certain age. She is still interested in plants and flowers. She always has quirky and amusing observations about the other residents to share with visitors. Her nickname among the staff is Fire because she is quite the sassy one. 

Since the storm, Gram has moved three times. She was evacuated to Alexandria with the rest of the residents right before the storm and stayed there until Thanksgiving. She was moved to a home in the New Orleans area and had to remain there from the end of November until March while her regular place was being restored after significant flooding. Now she's back in her comfort zone again and many of the pre-storm staff have returned, too. Unfortunately, many of the residents did not make it back. 

Gram is still a tough chick and she is an inspiration to my entire family.

Mom and Gram Mom and Gram