May 20th, 2006

rocky, boyboo

Please Help Blackie!

If anyone in the Los Angeles or Southern California area can help out this poor guy or knows of anyone willing to immediately rescue an older good-natured dog, please pass the info along in this post. He only has until Monday.
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Purple Peeves Me

I am taking a break from working in the yard. Here is a gardening lesson already learned in Spring/Summer 2006.

Purple verbena is the wimpiest of all the verbena when I plant it. The red, white and burgundy verbena plants are doing pretty well but the purple plants dried up and turned brown under the same watering and light conditions. In fact, one red and one white plant were in a pot with a purple plant and the only one with a problem is the purple one. It died. The other two are fine. The purple ones also attract pests and pass them along to the rest of the verbena. This is all very disappointing as the purple ones are my favorite. I have tried two different varieties of the purple ones but neither one did well in my yard. No more purple verbena. **sniff**