July 19th, 2006

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Name Game

I have always been curious about how people come up with their usernames so I really like this! Seen over by weelisa and created by moochia

What's the story behind your LJ screen name? Where does it come from? How or why did you come up with it? What does it represent or mean to you?

Post this directive, along with your answer, in your journal, and encourage others to share the love!

When I first caught the LJ bug, I thought about being sleepydee which is the username I had on AOL when we first got a computer. I decided against using it again. Then I thought about a password I use for one of my Yahoo e-mail addresses that has silver in it. I love silver jewelry so I decided to be silverdee.

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I didn't want to remodel a house because all of the choices to be made are so overwhelming. Paint, floor tile, kitchen countertop, doors, bathroom sink, ceiling fans... Colors and options and chaos! Oh my!

The paint colors were actually pretty painless (Juannie and I were very in synch) and after a few missteps we've found a floor tile. So we are on our way! Now we face the rest of the very long list of other decisions.