August 17th, 2006



Nothing exciting going on with me so weelisa is missing nothing around here while she vacations with her parents. Renovating sucks and work blows. (But I'll take Dullsville over some of the alternatives.)
rocky, boyboo

So Long Dullsville!

I obviously posted too soon. Rocky just had a very bad reaction to some new rawhide chews. He threw up five times including one time all over me as I grabbed him because I thought he was choking.

Thankfully, my sweet man is fine now but I am quite stressed out and woozy from the Lysol that I liberally sprayed in all the spots I cleaned up.
sucks, work

When I Grow Up!

Your Career Personality: Idealistic, Service-Oriented, and Future-Oriented

Your Ideal Careers:

Alternative health practitioner
Environmental lawyer
Magazine editor
Museum curator
Photo journalist

I have no spatial abilities at all and I cannot draw so the architect is definitely not me. The rest are all very intriguing.

Thanks to yellowdoggrl.
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