August 26th, 2006


History Repeats

One year ago today...

I was nervous about Katrina - a three syllable storm with a vowel on the end of her name.


I am nervous about Ernesto - a three syllable storm with a vowel on the end of his name.
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Poor Pluto!

I am not happy about Pluto's demotion. But if we're in the demoting mood here's some other things that need to join Pluto:

5 Things That Need a Downgrade Like Pluto

1. "Godfather III." This "film" is just not worthy of "Godfather" status.

2. Gluttony. If it remains a deadly sin, a lot of us are in trouble.

3. Tour de France/100 yard dash. Not a sport if winners keep getting busted for 'roids.

4. Segways. Try walking, pal.

5. Tom Cruise. Downgrade to a B-list actor . . . oh wait, already done. Thanks, Paramount.


Fed Up!

I know that yellowdoggrl is with me on this.

If Ernesto messes up our late season Alabama beach vacation like Ivan did in 2004, we are going to have to file a class action suit against Poseidon (a.k.a. Neptune) and let him know that we have simply had enough of his Boys of Summer. (I've already made it quite clear how I feel about his Girls.)

He must cease and desist his temper tantrums and find a more acceptable outlet for his anger. Seizure of his trident is negotiable. Anger management classes may be optional. Rescinding of his wind capabilities is a definite.