September 3rd, 2006


Adrift in Grits & Memories

I had brunch and mimosas this afternoon at The Columns with two dear friends from my San Francisco days, Jillian and Ed. And I got to meet Ed's charming boyfriend, Hal. Jillian was my roommate until Juannie moved out there and Ed was our regular partner in crime.

Some things we reminisced about today after the cut...

We interrupt these memories for a Special Public Service Announcement: Drugs are bad.

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As the champagne flowed this afternoon, Hal had a miscalculation with a large forkful of grits and wound up as we later declared him adrift in grits. Ed decided that this was the best description of any trip to New Orleans, "Adrift in grits."

They went to the French Quarter for Southern Decadence and I came home to take a nap.