September 11th, 2006

rocky, boyboo

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Rocky got a haircut today! He looks so cute. And he makes me smile every time he walks in the room.

The first picture is from last summer when he was in full fluff mode. Now he's just fuzzy! We got him trimmed so much to get ready for our trip to the beach next week.

He's all worn out after a fun day with Michelle, his stylist.

Rocky + More New Toys Rocky + More New Toys

Puff of Love Puff of Love

Fuzzy Boy Fuzzy Boy


So Much Squandered

I can't let today end without touching upon the anniversary solemnly commemorated by some and crassly spun by others on this 09/11.

The current administration has squandered: 2,948 lives by not heeding the warnings they received before that day, the solidarity of our citizens occurring as a result of that day and the support of our allies demonstrated for many days after.

Harry Potter Audiobook

Juannie's in Palo Alto for the week. To make flying bearable since he can't take his Bach's Rescue Remedy with him as it's a liquid, he bought Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone from iTunes. I was all for it because I can't wait to listen to it on the drive to and from Fort Morgan.