September 13th, 2006

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Granny Here!

Juannie put the beer up on the conveyor so I am guessing that the cashier thought he was the 11/11/63 which is still four years older than he actually is. That makes me the lucky recipient of the Senior Discount. I need some Oil of Olay!

Senior Moment
Senior Moment


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I've been thinking endlessly about this since I heard the news yesterday. My cousin's wife tried to commit suicide by taking fifty Lortabs. She has major liver damage because of the acetaminophen. Tomorrow the doctor and social worker will recommend what should happen regarding her further treatment. She very well may be transferred to another hospital for long-term psychiactric care.

I go back and forth between feeling very sad for her because she was obviously in a lot of emotional pain and feeling that she was extremely selfish to put her husband through this when he is dealing with a very recent cancer diagnosis.

I'm really missing Juannie. With all the family upheaval going on, I could use one of his hugs and a cuddle before falling asleep.