October 7th, 2006

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Moving On from Ants to Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes normally don't mess with me very much, especially if Juannie and I are outside together. If we are sitting right next to each other, I am unmolested while he attracts a swarm. I tell him it's because he's much sweeter than I am. But lately, the mosquitoes are even chasing after sour old me.

Apparently, the fiendish little pests are out in full force all over the New Orleans area. They are another legacy of Katrina thanks to houses with untended pools and torn up yards. There have been six cases of West Nile virus reported so they are doing some extra spraying this weekend.

Juannie saw on the news, too, that there are a lot more salt marsh mosquitoes than normal in the area now. Those are active throughout the day whereas other mosquitoes are only out for biting in the early mornings and again starting in the evening. I was wondering why I was getting ferociously attacked last weekend while I was walking the dogs in the middle of the day. I am hoping that this latest round of aerial spraying will help.