October 13th, 2006

saints, helmet

Weekend Plans

I am waiting for Juannie to arrive at the airport. Another trip for work. He should be calling me at anytime to let me know he landed.

Tomorrow is my mom's seventieth birthday. We are celebrating by having a family picnic at Fairview Riverside State Park . The weather is going to be sunny with temperatures in the low 70s. (That's around 22 degrees for you Celsius folks.) Perfect picnic conditions!

And Sunday, the surprising New Orleans Saints play the Philadelphia Eagles at home. Both teams are 4-1. Many people are underestimating the Saints again. Philadelphia's a very good team so it will be a big test for our wily Saints coaches and our talented players. It's going to be another crazy day in the Dome. I can't wait!
saints, helmet

Marques Is The Man!

Like Annie Savoy in Bull Durham, each season I pick one player from my favorite team to be my boyfriend. I have a thing for Saints wide receivers. The relationships are completely one-sided and Juannie is fully aware of my devotion. There's no jealousy involved.

In the past, my boyfriends were Willie Jackson and Jerome Pathon. Willie Jackson was the reason why the Saints won our first playoff game ever thanks to a 3-touchdown game. Jerome Pathon never lived up to his potential but he did make the touchdown as part of the River City Relay. (John Carney was not very popular among the family for a while after he missed that extra point.)

This season, my Saints boyfriend is Marques Colston. He is a rookie and he is making quite a stir among Saints fans and the rest of the league. He is getting a lot of press including this article in the NY Times. (Registration required so the whole article is behind the cut.)

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