October 29th, 2006

saints, helmet

Bye Week Blues

The bye week has rarely been kind to the New Orleans Saints and this season is no exception. (The bye week is a week off in the midst of the 17-week NFL season.) We had lots of momentum following our big win over the Philadelphia Eagles (they lost another one today). I think it would have been better for the team to play another game immediately following that one. But we had our weekend off and it definitely messed with the team's rhythm and execution. It didn't help that we faced a really tough Baltimore Ravens team, also coming off their bye week, who looked rejuvenated by the offensive play calling of their head coach, Brian Billick.

The highlights of the game were few but they came mostly from Marques Colston and Joe Horn. There were many lowlights especially the agonizing minutes when Reggie Bush was down with an injury. Based on early reports, it was a minor ankle injury. Bush is expected to be fine and able to play next weekend. Fingers crossed that there are no lingering effects from this for Reggie.