November 15th, 2006


Progress in Pakistan

Pakistan makes progress toward passing The Women’s Protection Bill. This bill would move the prosecution of rape cases out of religious courts and into criminal courts where forensic and circumstantial evidence would be allowed. The bill also eliminates the need for a rape victim to produce four witnesses to proceed with a case. Currently, if a woman goes to authorities but cannot produce the four witnesses she is subject to charges for adultery. Another change is that the punishment for consensual sex outside of marriage would be lessened from the death penalty or flogging to a fine or jail time.

The bill was approved today by the lower house of the Pakistan parliament and is expected to pass easily in the upper house. A leader of the opposition to the bill has stated that its passage would turn Pakistan into a "free sex zone" because it encourages promiscuity.


I need a break from my life. Juannie's ready for one, too. That means it's time to plan a vacation!

Some possible destinations: Great Smoky Mountains, Canada, Cruise to Mexico and Belize, Seattle.