November 23rd, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving!

As Yellow as Gold
Mary E. Knowlton - 1904

Here is a pumpkin, fluted, golden,
Written o'er with customs olden
Out of bygone days.
Cinderella's ancient glory,
Sung in song and told in story,
Suits its yellow blaze.

Tables at the first Thanksgiving,
When colonial dames where living,
Shewed its golden sheer.
Still it smiles a friendly greeting
At the happy family meeting
On the feast-day dear

Christmas rooms are gay with holly,
Christmas sees the merry folly
of the mistletoe.
Easter lilies, pure and stately,
In the springtime bloom sedately,
When soft breezes blow.

Autumn dressed the woods in splendor;
But their colors, rich and tender,
All have passed away.
Now the pumpkin, ripe and mellow,
Keeps a tint of Autumn's yellow
For Thanksgiving Day.

I am actually attempting a dish for today's meal with the family: Sweet Potato Casserole with Sweet Crumble Topping. I am nervous because Juannie is working and I will be going it alone using the new stove and oven for which we are very thankful. I am also thankful that my beloved cousin, Sharon, arrives tomorrow for a visit with Cassady!

Sweat Is A Spice

Cooking is stressful!

First freak out caused by that new-fangled can opener. I have rarely used it. And then I was sweating because the heated butter would not incorporate with the sweet potato purée. But it's in the oven now with two baked macaroni and cheeses made by Juannie so things are progressing. I would crack open the bottle of wine to take the edge off but it's for the meal. Maybe I'll have a cider.

The next hurdle is getting all this hot food over to my parents' house without mishap. I better hold off on the alcohol.