December 2nd, 2006


Out & About in New Orleans

"Maybe it should be called the Resurrection Party of the Century. In a bid to raise money for writers and poets displaced by Hurricane Katrina, a fledgling group of writers ladled up some haute couture in the Crescent City by staging a re-enactment of Truman Capote's 1966 extravaganza, the Black and White Ball."

I hadn't heard anything about this event and just found the article on Yahoo News.

"The setting was the Queen Anne Ballroom of the Hotel Monteleone , a faded 19th-century hotel one block away from Bourbon Street where, 82 years ago, Capote's mother lay pregnant in Room 950 overlooking the Mississippi River; she went into labor with her unborn child, the boy she'd name Truman, and never accept because he failed to be the virile man she so selfishly wanted. Instead, the openly gay Truman was nasally in his speech and flamboyant in his dress.

On that day in September 1924, hotel staff got Lillie Mae Faulk Persons into a car and took her to Touro Infirmary where the future author of In Cold Blood and Breakfast at Tiffany's was born.

'He was probably conceived at the hotel,' said Andrea Thornton, a hotel manager. His parents lived at the hotel for more than two years, before and after he was born.

The date and time for this year's ball was 8 p.m., Nov. 28, 2006, 40 years to the day and nearly the hour of Capote's blowout to celebrate the publication of his masterpiece, In Cold Blood, which had vaulted him into the heavens of the rich and famous."

Juannie and I had our chance to hang out, from a distance, with some famous folk on Thursday night at a benefit for The Tipitina's Foundation. Harry Shearer and several other stars of the new Christopher Guest comedy, For Your Consideration were on hand for a screening of the movie along with a Q&A session afterward. Jennifer Coolidge, Michael Hitchcock and Christopher Moynihan joined him to help the cause.

The Tipitina's Foundation raises money to assist New Orleans artists impacted by Hurricane Katrina and another program purchases instruments for New Orleans public schools. Harry Shearer also raised $50,000 for The Foundation on Celebrity Jeopardy when he beat Soledad O'Brien and Isaac Mizrahi.

Festive Feasting

What happens when creativity goes into overdrive and a tinfoil wrapped Styrofoam cone is laden with cocktail weenies, green olives, black olives, pearl onions, baby dills, pineapple chunks, pummeled carrots, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower and a star fruit star? An edible Christmas tree dubbed "timeless tower of tidbits", "beauteous beacon of bites" and "smartest savory sampler" by its creator!

This tree combines elements from our beloved Snack Plate with a unique and festive presentation. I think Juannie and I will be bringing this to my parents' house on Christmas Day! Imagine the hoopla!

Seen over in trashy_eats.

My Mom Goes To Her First Saints Game

I grew up with a father who was and still is crazy about the New Orleans Saints. My three brothers and I all carry on his obsession. My dad had season tickets from the Saints' first home game in Tulane Stadium until he had a heart attack in 1978 and couldn't handle the steep steps in the Superdome. My mom never learned to love football like the rest of us. She put up with all the Sundays during football season when we were cheering or during most years groaning at the Saints. She was never interested in attending games when my dad still had his season tickets.

Over the years, she's learned some of the terminology and she obviously pays attention to the commentary because she has surprised me with her observations about things that happen during the games. She cheered mightily along with the rest of us during the River City Relay and groaned in despair when we missed the extra point. Mom has been a good sport for all these years hosting many gameday parties with Dad at their house and putting up with our group mania during the good times and our unbridled depression during the bad times.

Now that two of my brothers and I have season tickets along with our spouses, we have the opportunity to finally take her to a game. Tomorrow, my mom is going to her very first Saints game. My sister-in-law, Renee, is in her ninth month of pregnancy so she's forced to stay home. She and my dad will watch the game together while the rest of us are whooping it up in the Superdome.

Go Mom! Go Saints!