January 1st, 2007


Au Revoir 2006

One of my last photos taken in 2006.


I did not come close to meeting my goal of posting one photo a day in 2006 but I had fun taking the ones I did get posted.
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Golden Glory

Two of the first pictures taken in 2007.

American Goldfinches winter in the South and love the small black thistle seed seen in my parents' feeder in the photos. My parents have been trying to get some decent photos of these brightly colored visitors with their camera but could never get close enough because the Goldfinches are very skittish. I was able to take these from the inside of their sunroom with my telephoto zoom.

Golden In The Sun Golden In The Sun
American Goldfinch American Goldfinch

My photography goal for 2007 is to post at least one photo each week. I think that's much more manageable than my 2006 goal of one each day.

I've made a slide show using some of the flower pictures I've taken since I got my camera in August 2005. Another goal for 2007 is to learn how to use more of the features of Photoshop Elements so I created this to get some practice with slide shows. I wasn't sure how to share it so I posted it on YouTube. Another first for me!