January 13th, 2007


Saints - Hyped Up

It's 4:40AM as I begin this entry. And like the little boy says in the DisneyWorld commercial, "I'm too excited to sleep!"

Everyone I know is revved up about the playoff game tonight between the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles. And thank God it is tonight! I don't think New Orleans could've waited until Sunday. The timing of the game has caused some problems for people who had other big events planned for this evening. "Who Dat distracted?"


Saints - Reaching Out To Philadelphia

Local columnist, Chris Rose, goes to the home of the Eagles and finds
"Rage and sympathy in the City of Brotherly Love."

I presented myself at City Hall that afternoon to see if I could find the mayor of Philadelphia. Turns out he wasn't in, so I went to the mayor's press office, and as I walked in, the office TV was tuned to a CNN report on crime and murder in New Orleans.

Great, I thought. Something we can all be proud of. But I wanted to stay with the Saints storyline, so I introduced myself to communications director Joe Grace, who asked if I had a business card.

I just paused and laughed. I told him that, in fact, I did not and that he was actually the first person to ask me for a business card in 17 months. And that is the truth.

He accepted my word that I was a reporter in good standing and invited me into his office and asked what he could do for me, and I laid out my pitch:

I asked if he was familiar with the tradition of mayors and governors making symbolic bets on big games, stuff like college bowl games or World Series -- or NFL playoffs. He told me that the Philly press corps had just asked him the day before whether their mayor had been contacted by the mayor of New Orleans for any such deal, but he told them there had been no contact between the two executive offices this week.

"That's why I'm here, then," I told him. "Our mayor is simply way too busy to take the time to make such a bet. Busy, busy, busy. So I'm here to do the city's bidding, and I propose a bet and it goes like this: If the Eagles win, we'll give you a thousand quarts of gumbo."

"OK," Grace said to me. "And?"

"And if the Saints win," I said, "you get our mayor."

He and his assistant just looked at me. "I have the proper authority to make this offer," I assured them.

After a brief pause, Grace told me, "I'll certainly convey that offer to the mayor."

Saints - Black & Gold Gris Gris

Go Saints Go!

The anti-hurricane shoebox altar gets some Saints-centric additions today.

Please note the Saints Flick It football and goalpost which I received as a Christmas present from yellowdoggrl, tickets from the games we won in the Dome this season including the victory over the Eagles, Saints pendant that broke the week of the Redskins game but the Saints came back and stomped the Giants the next week, the picture of me and my Dome neighbor in our Marques Colston jerseys, and the Saints lighters used to keep the gametime candles burning all season long.

And Rocky displays his perpetual Saints colors before going long for the Saints mini-football.

I Believe!

Marching With The Mojo Marching With The Mojo
Rocky's In That Number! Rocky's In That Number!


Saints - Incredible Journey

Many new faces joined the New Orleans Saints this season. Four of the big keys to our success might've ended up in other places...

Sean Payton could've taken a job as the Oakland Raiders head coach two years ago but passed on the opportunity because it didn't feel right. In spite of the many challenges he would face here as the new coach, Payton decides to go to New Orleans in 2006.

Drew Brees was seriously injured in the last 2005 regular season game for the San Diego Chargers and they decide to go with Philip Rivers this season as their quarterback because they were unsure that Brees would recover from his injury. Drew Brees was almost a Miami Dolphin but wound up in New Orleans in 2006.

Reggie Bush won the Heisman Trophy in 2005 and was expected to be taken as the #1 pick of the NFL draft by the Houston Texans. Inexplicably and incredibly the Texans opted to to go with Mario Williams as their first pick. The Saints had the #2 pick and he comes to New Orleans in 2006.

Marques Colston was viewed favorably by many NFL scouts but remained available until the last round of the draft. He was chosen by the New Orleans Saints as the 252nd pick out of 255 players drafted. That's how he wound up in New Orleans in 2006.

Fleur De Leap
Fleur De Leap