January 14th, 2007


Saints - A Face & Voice In That Number

Yes, I am very hoarse today and proud of it!

"The Superdome crowd gave the Saints a game-clinching assist with just less than two minutes remaining in their 27-24 divisional playoff victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

On fourth-and-15, with the Eagles needing a first down from their 44-yard line to stay alive, the noise level suddenly cracked a threshold that hadn't been reached.

The disruption helped force Philadelphia lineman Scott Young into a false-start penalty, nullifying a completed first-down pass. The Eagles then decided to punt on fourth-and-14, but they never got the ball back.

"They're the 12th man. You get a crowd loud like that, they had a young guard in there, and he just started moving," defensive tackle Hollis Thomas said.

Up until that point, which arrived just after the two-minute warning, the crowd had been loud. But a certain level of nervous energy kept the crowd just a notch below ear-shattering.

But the 70,001 fans in attendance knew the magnitude of that moment, and the Superdome became deafening."

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Championship Bound Championship Bound


Saints - Divisional Playoff Observations

The 1 & 2 seeds in the NFC win their games. The 1 & 2 seeds in the AFC lose their games.

No team looked particularly dominating in any of the games played this weekend. Everyone had to work for their victories.

The New Orleans Saints play the Chicago Bears in Chicago for the NFC Championship. The New England Patriots play the Indianapolis Colts in Indianapolis for the AFC Championship.

Next weekend will be very interesting.