March 23rd, 2007


New Diversions

A new favorite blog that I've found recently is Confessions Of A Pioneer Woman. Ree posts daily (which I love) about her life on a cattle ranch with her husband, Marlboro Man, and their four children. Filled with wonderful writing, sick humor, gorgeous pictures and delicious recipes. And she just won a Bloggie for Best Kept Secret.

Another new fave is Faustus. Joel's an aerobics instructor who likes to knit. I got hooked on his recent posts about his trip to Egypt and his deciphering of hieroglyphics. He's also a songwriter and has a published book called "Gay Haiku" about his awful dates. He is quite the Renaissance man.
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Ah Spring!

Spring is here. I know this because the trees are getting that pretty bright green blurriness as the leaves begin to sprout, the pine tree pollen is swirling making my eyes itchy and runny, and the burrs are attacking my sweet Love Man. Not Juannie! Poor Rocky. He looks so sad after being poked, prodded and pulled on as I remove them from his lovely, fluffy fur. This is only the beginning of burr season. So next week he is scheduled for a buzz cut with his stylist in an attempt to keep the burrs at bay.
Rocky's Resigned Rocky's Resigned
Burrs Burrs
(First picture is taken with my cell phone because he still doesn't like the big camera.)