May 7th, 2007


Son Of A Bitch Bastard!

That's my response to finding out that my checking account is overdrawn $1800 because of credit card fraud. And it's all the bank's fault. Juannie turned in a cracked debit card to a branch about a year ago and had it replaced on the spot. The bank didn't deactivate the cracked card. So some asshole went shopping all over the net and bought shoes from Florsheims, a computer from Dell, junk from Gadzooks and lots of other crap using that card number.

Luckily, we have access to another account where we are keeping the money from our insurance settlement while this one is basically on hold. I'm thoroughly aggravated that the bank wouldn't immediately process our fraud claim until the charges post to our account which should happen tomorrow. Wouldn't it make more sense to immediately process the fraud claim and notify the vendors so they don't ship the goods? Instead, we wait until tomorrow while the merchandise is on its way to the thieving piece of shit.