May 25th, 2007


Never Too Early To Talk Saints Football

As a devoted New Orleans Saints fan, I've endured many dismal seasons that followed a very successful one. I am trying not to go into this next season with overconfidence. Sure, it's interesting that predictions have been made pitting the Saints and the New England Patriots against each other in the Super Bowl. But it's too early to buy into all of that preseason hype. Last year at this time, many national reporters picked the Saints to be dead last in our division and to win maybe 5-6 games. We were a big surprise to our division and to the league. So I am trying to remain calm and not get overly excited but it's hard to not dream of a repeat of last season when we have so many weapons on offense. If they can all stay healthy, especially Drew Brees, it just might be another great season for my beloved team.

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May The Force Be With You

Star Wars Turns 30. And throws itself big party.

Star Wars And The Merchandising of Movies. Star Wars started the trend. Story from NPR.

Tom Shales' Original Review of Star Wars on NPR. He describes the movie as "unquestionably splendibulous" and "the stoned movie you don't have to be stoned for." He refers to R2D2 as the "slightly too cute walking midget computer."