May 30th, 2007


Just Say Now

I hate the phrase, "I can't speak to that." Example:

QUESTION: We hear in the Kurdist section of Iraq in Irbil there's been five Iranians detained. Can you tell us anything about this?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, I can't speak to that specific report, but I will just note that the President made very clear last night that we know that Iran is engaged in activities that are endangering our troops, activities that are destabilizing the young Iraqi Government, and that we're going to pursue those who may be involved in those activities. But I can't speak to the specific report.

Just say, "I don't know the answer" or "I don't have that information for you right now." Or why not say, "I can't speak about that specific report."

Politicians have popularized the usage of this phrase in an attempt to make not knowing something or the avoidance of answering a question sound more palatable. It makes me want to snarl each time I hear it. It's on my mind this morning because a NO politician used the phrase several times during an interview on early local news.

Another pet peeve I hear so often during live broadcasts with people on the scenes of crimes and fires is, "At this point in time..."

At this point in time = Now

I have yet to hear, "I can't speak to that at this point in time." But I know it's coming. I only hope I'm already drunk when I hear it.
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Saints Player Makes A Documentary About New Orleans

I think this documentary truly shows what the New Orleans Saints meant to this city last year and the impact the fans had on the team. In the midst of an agonizingly slow recovery, enduring neglect and incompetence from all levels of government, the citizens of this region needed something that gave us hope and happiness. That's what the Saints did for everyone who lives here, loves this city and need our Saints.

"Through A Saint's Eyes" is rookie filmmaker's story with heart.

"When people talk about the New Orleans Saints they ask about quarterback Drew Brees or running back Reggie Bush or NFL Coach of the Year Sean Payton. Me? I want to know about Mark Campbell.

He's the team's tight end, and my curiosity has nothing to do with what Campbell did for the Saints last season. No, it's more about what he did for the Saints -- and the people of New Orleans -- after the season ended.

I'm talking about a 7½-minute documentary called Through a Saint's Eyes that Campbell and friend Kevin McCabe completed sometime in March.

It's a film that details the Saints' return to New Orleans in 2006 and the role the club assumed in the city's recovery following Hurricane Katrina. While that doesn't make the project extraordinary, this does: It's a look at what happened from a player's perspective.

Now let's get something straight: This movie is not about Mark Campbell. It's not about the Saints, either. It's about a city and its people, how both benefited from what happened to the Saints, and how the Saints benefited from the people they touched."

Here's the documentary originally shown on the NFL Network:

And the follow-up interview with Mark Campbell on NFL Network: