July 7th, 2007


Getting Sleepy

I fell asleep at 8:15PM watching Larry Sanders on DVD. That's the second time I've fallen asleep while trying to watch it. I don't know why I can't stay awake because the show is incredibly funny.

Juannie woke me up around 11PM so I could move to the bed. I am just getting sleepy again and it's 12:45AM.
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Backyard Heroes

There are hundreds of dragonflies all over my neighborhood today. Along with bees, dragonflies are the super heroes of the garden. Bees work hard doing lots of pollinating and dragonflies are always busy eating mosquitos.

I got a few pictures of mosquito hawks flitting around the yard.

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Edit: Sorry if these messed up anyone's friend's page before I lj-cut them. I posted them directly from Photobucket and didn't realize they would be so huge.