June 27th, 2008


My Governor

I don't like my governor, Bobby Jindal. My nickname for him is Wheatsworth. Why? He's brown but he's still a cracker. Yeah, I wrote it. I stand by it.

His real first name is Piyush but he goes by Bobby because that's certainly less threatening to the Saltine contingent in my home state. (Imagine the chatter on Fox if Barack Obama was still calling himself Barry.) He graduated with honors from Brown University in public policy and biology but defends intelligent design as "the very best science." He signed legislation this week forcing convicted rapists to undergo chemical castration. He's written in a Catholic journal that during college he participated in an exorcism.

We face the prospect of spending the next 4 to 8 years with this paragon of backwards thinking as our governor. The other possibility is that the smarmy panderer joins John McCain on the Republican ticket as the vice presidential candidate. The lesser of two evils? We keep him contained within Louisiana state lines so he's not unleashed on the rest of the country.
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