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History Repeating Itself

Two things that are really bothering me these days: my job and the fact that my neighbors have gotten another puppy.

The job issue is mainly that I have been doing the same thing for three years now and I am bored. But my job is fairly stable, the pay is decent and I like watching my 401k go up with pleasing regularity. I rarely stay at jobs for more than three years so this period of disaffection is fairly routine for me. I just have to decide if I am truly bored enough to act on it.

The puppy issue can only be explained by this previous entry. The entry is long but it gives their pathetic dog-raising history. It's been less than a week since the little guy, a black and white poodle mix, has been on the scene. I already feel sick to my stomach each time I am outside with Bess and Rocky and see him prancing joyfully around after the kids with his little tail just a-wagging. I want to scoop Leo (cute name) up and take him far away to avoid what I know will decline into a bad scene.
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