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All Hail Da Paper

The Times-Picayune, our local newspaper here in New Orleans, has won two Pulitzer Prizes for their coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath. Da Paper, as its affectionately called, was awarded a gold medal for meritorious public service and for distinguished reporting of breaking news. Both prizes were awarded to the newspaper's staff.

"In the aftermath of Katrina, rising flood waters from collapsed seawalls forced more than 200 staff of The Times-Picayune and their family members to flee the paper's downtown offices in delivery trucks on Aug. 30. But photographers, reporters and editors stayed in the area continuously, and the newspaper never ceased publishing, posting online editions for three days, then returning to print editions as well on Sept. 2.

The Pulitzer Prize board took the unusual step this year of awarding two public service medals, with the other going to The Sun-Herald of Biloxi, Miss., another paper that persevered in the face of the catastrophic storm."

I heard an interview with Jim Amoss, the editor, on NPR as I drove home. While he and the paper's staff are proud of their achievement, he expressed the feeling of everyone who lives here when he said that they all wish we could turn the calendar back to August 28th so no one had to go through what we've all experienced. Amen!
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