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Margaritas in the Afternoon

On Saturday, Juannie and I met my cousin for margaritas at one of our favorite places, Superior Grill on St. Charles Avenue. It's a fun place to people watch and see the street cars gliding by.

We reserve Superior Grill for lazy weekend afternoons because the drinks are quite potent. My limit is three of the regular sized margaritas. We happened to be there for part of happy hour so I had one regular and two happy hour specials. In my boozy head, I counted only three glasses of beverage but while struggling to overcome my headache yesterday I realized I actually had the equivalent of 5! No wonder I felt a little under the weather.

It was not a good day to have a hangover with Father's Day lunch, a dog obedience class and yard work all part of the plans. I made it through okay but I did go to bed early after reading a little bit of The Winter Queen. I will have to reread that part, though, because I was dozing off and I don't want to miss any of the good stuff.
Tags: books, family, food, new orleans

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