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Rocky, Fluffy Corgi Extraordinaire, Starring As...

...The Burr Magnet.

Rocky has always brought home lots of mementos from our twice-daily walks like small sticks, grass and burrs. This year the burrs are on the scene very early because it's been a very dry spring (we are officially in a drought) so lots of wild plants are going to seed earlier than usual.

The last two weeks have been particularly bad. Rocky has been getting on average fifty burrs a day stuck all over his fluffy loveliness. These burrs are the kind that are brown with stickers. It hurts me on his behalf when he gets these stuck between the pads on his paws. He's very weird about his feet and legs because he had a broken leg when he was a pup. He's good-natured about the rest of the burr removal but he gets very agitated and antsy when I try to get them off of his paws and legs.

Yesterday afternoon, Rocky and Bess were celebrating the beautiful breezy weather (perfect for Jazz Fest) by scampering around the yard and wrestling. Bessie The Agressor (her Corgi Wrestling League moniker) pushed her nemesis, The Rock n Roller, into the fence and held him down for quite a while as he struggled to regain his footing. After much wiggling, while The Agressor barked and growled to show who's boss, The Rock n Roller freed himself. Then he ran up and down the fence line to celebrate his escape from The Agressor's evil clutches.

When we all trooped inside for dinnertime, Rocky was covered with hundreds of tiny little round burrs thanks to being held down against the fence and his prancing back and forth. These look like very small BBs but don't have stickers. They are clumped behind his ears, on his chest, on his stomach. I have taken many off of him last night and this morning but I am not even close to being done. I should be working on it right now but I had to take a break.

It's hard work being so handsome. Well it's hard work for Juannie and me, his staff.
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