Fleur de Dee (silverdee) wrote,
Fleur de Dee

Jazz Fest Here We Come

In the midst of all the hurricane madness, I have mentally latched on to a few things that have kept me going during these difficult months and Jazz Fest has been one of them. In those first crazed weeks, it was just the hope that one day there would be another Jazz Fest in New Orleans at the Fairgrounds that kept me going. And once I knew it was definitely happening in 2006, I would take many mental health breaks looking forward to being back at Jazz Fest again with family and good friends, listening to music, eating the food and being able to savor this event that for me is like going to church. Jazz Fest encompasses all that I adore about this city and our life here.

So today we go back again to Jazz Fest. Filled with hope and joy at the return of something I love unreservedly while continually aching in my heart and head because the pain of what's happening here never goes away. But that's life in New Orleans now. Everything is bittersweet. But the sweet has truly become that much sweeter because of what's happened.
Tags: jazz fest, new orleans
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