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Fest Potpourri

A few more shots from the second Friday of Jazz Fest. 

One of the many stages at Jazz Fest is the Fais Do Do Stage. It features acts performing zydeco and Cajun music.  The traditional cajun ball is known as the " fais do-do " in reference to the mothers who stamped their feet with impatience on the edge of the dance floor waiting for their children to get to sleep or "make do-do".

Normally, Roger is an excellent dancer. After quite a few beers yesterday, he started doing this goofy dance step accompanied by the white man's overbite. I had to get a picture of him in action. He won't be happy I posted this.

I was very happy to see lots of children at Jazz Fest this year. Here's a picture of a young fan in the crowd during Angélique Kidjo's performance.

Fais Do Do Fais Do Do
White Man's Overbite White Man's Overbite
Little Fan Little Fan
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