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I Feel The Change A Comin'

Juannie and I have been seriously discussing going vegetarian. He's wanted to do it for several years for health reasons. I am considering it because it's getting to be more and more difficult to squelch my feelings of guilt when I eat the meat of farm animals. I have always avoided giving too much thought to all of the cruelty I know is involved in the production of animals for food. I can no longer turn away from the reality of the horrible treatment and destruction of sentient creatures so that they can conveniently show up on my plate each day.

While all this is swirling around in my brain as I grow closer to making the leap, I find this article. "The bird flu virus, you see, wasn't created merely by chance, and it didn't just magically appear in migratory birds. In truth, the virus is the natural result of the mistreatment of animals as a food source. When you take tens of millions of chickens and pigs and coop them up in little tiny cages, and you don't give them sunlight, you don't give them a balanced healthy diet, and you don't let them run around in the wild or have fresh air, you create the perfect conditions for the generation and transmission of infectious disease."

The article is strident and is obviously shilling for the "related book" shown right next to the article. But I do agree with this: "...when you take these animals and you pack them together so closely, you accelerate the evolution and development of dangerous influenza. It's almost like having an influenza lab where you're trying to create a biological weapon of some sort. That's how bad it is. You speed the mutation of these viruses by at least a factor of 100. It's almost the perfect laboratory for creating dangerous infectious disease. The existence of bird (flu) is a direct result of the way we treat animals in this world. It is a consequence of our inhumane food creation policies."

I am lucky that Juannie is a good cook and that he's agreeable to this because it's not something I could accomplish as easily on my own. And we are lucky that he works for a company that promotes the compassionate treatment of animals and that he gets a discount because he works there.

It's taken me a long time to arrive at this point where I am pondering this major change in my lifestyle. I certainly don't believe that vegetarianism is for everyone. But since we began our contemplation of this a few days ago, I have been feeling more peaceful and positive. I know I would feel better spiritually and emotionallly, not to mention physically. I do think this is now the right choice for me.
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