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It's been hard to avoid Britney Spears and Heather Mills McCartney this week.

Britney has been taking it on the chin for driving around in a convertible while wearing giant curlers with her 8-month old son flopped over in naptime catatonia sitting face forward in his car seat. And then today, she almost drops the poor tyke while carrying him against her hip while toting a glass of water in the other hand. She also announced that she is pregnant again. And the news has been floating around that she's no longer a follower of Kabbalah because she stated that her son is now her religion.

Heather and her husband, some guy named Paul McCartney, announced yesterday in a joint statement that they are separating after four years of marriage. Apparently, Heather has been rubbing many people the wrong way for a while with her overeagerness for high-profile charity work and penchant for self-promotion. Next week, she faces the unfortunately timed release of her self-help book, Life Balance, which shares her tips for "spiritual, physical and emotional" happiness.

I have been following the difficulties of these women voraciously all week. Why am I taking such an interest in the personal troubles of these two? They are both successful and attractive women and arguably could be viewed as role models. I have felt secret glee at their ongoing misfortune. I've chuckled maliciously at all the snarky headlines using Britney and Beatles song titles, "Oops, She Does It Again!", "She's Leaving Home", "Don't Drop That Baby One More Time", "She Loves You Yeah Yeah Right" to name just a few. I feel very badly for Sir Paul and little Sean Preston but why don't I have any sympathy for Britney or Heather?

I think it's because they seemed to have it all going for them but still managed to muck it up for themselves. Such poor judgment on both their parts on so many levels! Why did Britney marry that Kevin when he is obviously a heel and serve junk food at her wedding reception? Why did Heather force Paul to dye his hair that weird color and go slumming on the UK version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

It may be time for Heather and Britney to take a break from the spotlight and focus on their children. They can use that time to reflect on what went wrong and come back with new images (less brittle for Heather, less bumpkin for Britney) and attitudes.
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