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The Story of One Little House

Once upon a time, my house looked like a normal house. It wasn't a fancy house but it was cozy and we were happy there.
Then thanks to Mother Nature and poor pumping station management my house became moldy, slimy and stinky.
And now my house looks torn up, empty and sad. (More pictures behind the cut. Beware those with dial-up.)

Living Room 08/14/05 Living Room 08/14/05

Ktichen 08/14/05 Ktichen 08/14/05

Den 08/27/05 Den 08/27/05

Living Room 09/21/05 Living Room 09/21/05

Ktichen 09/21/05 Ktichen 09/21/05

Den 09/21/05 Den 09/21/05

Living Room 07/10/06 Living Room 07/10/06

Den 07/10/06 Den 07/10/06

One day sometime in the future my little house will be normal again.
Tags: home, pictures, renovation, storm
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