Fleur de Dee (silverdee) wrote,
Fleur de Dee

Visible Progress

It's been a busy time at the halfway house so I'm not able to check in on LJ as much as I'd like. We are actually seeing progress so that makes the stress and disruption seem more tolerable-at least for this weekend.

The first two new paint colors are on the walls. We selected Pollen Grains for the kitchen, living room and hallway. Juannie suggested a yellow for this part of the house and I was leery at first but I am very happy with the result. And we've wanted to do Terra Cotta in the den for a while.

As befits life in the halfway house, it's only half done but the final coat goes on tomorrow. And then they'll be tiling the floors. See the stacks of tile waiting patiently in the lovely Terra Cotta room.

Living Room 08/13/05 Living Room 08/13/05

Den 08/27/05 Den 08/27/05

Pollen Grains Pollen Grains

Terra Cotta Terra Cotta

Tags: home, pictures, renovation, storm
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